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The 'Tasks' overview provides a list of tasks that are assigned to a user. Study specific tasks are also visible within the study’s ‘Tasks’ tabpage.

The tasks feature consists of the following possibilities:

  1. Viewing tasks
  2. Creating new tasks (manually or automatically)
  3. Completing tasks 

1. Viewing tasks:

The following tasks are listed in the ‘Tasks’ overview:

  • Tasks that are currently assigned to the logged in user.
  • Tasks that are assigned to the user role of logged in the user.
  • Tasks that are related to a study that the logged in user has access to.

Filters can be used to adjust the list of tasks displayed in the overview:

  • Status:
    • Open: Shows tasks that are open/not completed yet.
    • Closed: Shows tasks that ere closed/marked as completed.
  • Given/own tasks:
    • Own: Shows tasks that are assigned to the logged in user/user role.
    • Given: Shows tasks tat are created by the logged in user and are assigned to another user/role.
  • Belongs to role:
    • Shows tasks that are assigned to the role chosen.

2. Creating tasks:

Tasks can be created manually or automatically. Refer to this article about automatic task assignment to see how tasks can be automatically be created - this can only be configured by Admin users.

  • Go to the 'Tasks' overview.
  • Click on 'New task'.
  • Complete the required fields with details about the task. 
  • Click 'Save' to create the task.

3. Completing tasks:

A task can be marked as completed by changing the status of the task. This can be done from the task overview or by opening the task. 

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