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The 'Studies' overview

The Studies overview provides a list of all the studies you have access to. This overview consists of 3 separate views: All studies (A), Favourite studies (B) and Last opened studies (C). 

A. All studies:

All the studies you have access to are listed here - this is the default view for the ‘Studies’ tab.


  • Horizontal scrollbar: The width of the overview adjusts to your screen width. When the “Fixed to screen width” checkbox is unchecked, the studies overview will expand and a horizontal scrollbar will show to assist with navigating around the page. 

  • Column lock: When the horizontal scrollbar is enabled, it is possible to lock and unlock columns. This action can be found in the arrow dropdown to the right of the column label - you can select to Lock or Unlock the selected column. 

  • Number of studies per page: The number of rows (studies) displayed on each page is adjustable - you can show 30, 60, 120 or 240 rows per page. 

  • Sorting, filtering, actions: Refer to this article.


Refer to this article.

B. Favourite studies:

Studies that are marked as favourite are listed in the “Favourite studies” tabpage. Right clicking on a study row opens an action bar - you can use this to mark a study as a Favourite. Favourite studies are tagged with a star icon in the study overview, and a list of studies marked as Favourites can be found in the ‘Favourite studies’ view. 

C. Last opened studies:

The ‘Last opened studies’ view shows the last 10 opened studies.

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