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General functionalities of Castor SMS

Personal menu

Your personal menu can be found above the navigation panel. Click on your username to view the options: 

  • Language settings: Click on the country flag to set your language. Castor SMS is available in English and Dutch.
  • Manual: This button will open the online helpdesk for Castor SMS. The helpdesk contains guidance, support contact information, instructions and release notes.
  • Logout: Click here to log out of Castor SMS and end your session.


All overviews/tables have the same functionalities:

  • Sorting: Sorting the entries can be done in two ways:
    • Click on the column label to sort entries by ascending or descending.
    • Click on the small arrow tot the right of the column label and select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.
  • Columns: Use the small arrow to the right of the column label to make changes to the column displayed in the overview. 

  • Filtering is available in most overviews. These filters can be found on top of the overview and commonly used filters can be saved using the 'Save' button to the right.
  • Actions can be performed in most overviews/tables: 
    • Action icons: The Action column is displayed on the right side of the overview. In reach row, this column contains all available action icons. 
    • Right click: Use the right mouse click to show the action list. 
    • Double mouse click on an entry will open the entry.

Timed user session:

A user session is valid for 60 minutes. After being idle, not saving data for 60 minutes, the session will automatically end and you will have to log in again. 

Open a study in view-only mode:

A study can only be edited by one user at a time. When a user wants to open a study that is already being updated by another user, the study can only be opened in view-only mode. Whilst in view-only mode, changes will not be saved.

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