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Create user roles and manage user role rights

Please note - user roles and user rights can only be managed by system administrators.

The user roles 'Guest', 'User', and 'Admin' are default Castor SMS roles and cannot be changed. It is possible to create additional user roles for your institute’s use.

Add a new user role

  • Go to 'Settings' tab.
  • Open sub-tab 'Roles and rights'.
  • Click 'Add role'.
  • Add the name of the new user role. 
  • Click 'Save' to create the new role.

Manage the rights for a user role

  • Go to 'Settings' tab.
  • Open the 'Roles and rights' sub-tab.
  • Double-click on a user role to open the ‘Manage Rights’ window.
  • In the list of user rights, checks should be placed in checkboxes to select the applicable rights for the user role. 
  • Click ‘Save and close’ to save the user rights.

Please note - there is a distinction between ‘-own’ and ‘-all’ rights:

  • Own: '-own' rights are applicable for studies that the user has access/is added to.
  • All: '-all' rights are applicable for all studies in the SMS environment.
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